Building a Legacy of Excellence

At AWLCO, our commitment to Health, Safety, Environmental Responsibility, and Quality (HSEQ) is woven into the very fabric of our operations. It’s not just a set of policies or procedures; it’s a driving force behind everything we do. We believe in building a sustainable future for our people, the environment, and the communities we serve, and HSEQ is the foundation upon which that future is built.

Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection

Commitment to Incident-Free Workplace

We are dedicated to creating a workplace that is free from incidents and injuries, ensuring the safety of people and the protection of the environment. Our approach includes identifying and managing Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) hazards and impacts, adhering to HSE legal requirements, and preventing accidents and pollution. We strive to maintain a workplace culture that does not tolerate conditions or behaviors that could lead to workplace incidents.

Sustainable Practices and Continuous Improvement

Additionally, we focus on reducing waste and conserving resources. Our commitment extends to consistently reporting and improving our HSE performance. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and environmentally responsible work environment, constantly seeking ways to enhance our safety standards and environmental stewardship.

Commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management

Management and Supervisory Role in HSE

Each division and location’s management and supervisors at AWLCO hold the responsibility for implementing and maintaining our HSE management systems, ensuring uniform commitment throughout the company. This responsibility extends to contractors and subcontractors, who must adhere to our policy and the relevant HSE laws. Regular HSE audits are crucial to ensure compliance with our management approach.

Leadership and Oversight in HSE Compliance

The President, senior management, and the Board of Directors at AWLCO.OS play a critical role in upholding these HSE principles. They are actively involved in regularly reviewing HSE performance, demonstrating our strong dedication to maintaining high safety and environmental standards across the organization.

Health Safety and Environmental
(HSE) Policy

Radiation Safety

When Handling Explosives and Radioactive materials, AWLCO’s personnel follow strict rules that meet or exceed the requirements of government regulatory agencies. Training, polices, procedures, equipment testing, and internal audits are all part of our program to ensure radiation safety.

Explosives Safety

Through a continual training program, AWLCO’s personnel develop are spect for explosives and through knowledge of explosives handling. The risks related to hazardous explosive materials have been well controlled for many years, and each year technology developments further reduce these risks


Our operations use very few toxic materials, which minimizes the potential impact on the environment. Continuous monitoring through the Management System ensures environmental compliance and protection.

Achieving Quality Excellence

Quality Guaranteed

Earning ISO 9001 certification isn’t just a mark of achievement, it’s a promise. We’ve implemented rigorous quality management systems across all our oilfield services and well logging operations, ensuring consistency, reliability, and unwavering data integrity.

From optimized resource allocation to stringent control measures, every step prioritizes exceeding your expectations.

Elevated Service, Amplified Results

For our clients, this translates to streamlined project delivery, minimized downtime, and uncompromising safety standards.

Our commitment to quality fuels operational excellence, empowering you to make informed decisions based on accurate data and experience the exceptional service that sets us apart.

Prioritizing Well-being

Protecting People, Empowering Performance

Solidifying our unwavering commitment to employee safety and well-being in the demanding oilfield environment.

This internationally recognized standard underscores our proactive approach to risk management, fostering a culture of safety that empowers every team member to thrive.

Safeguarding Every Step

We translate our certification  to a healthier work environment with minimized hazards, proactive risk management, and a culture that empowers every team member to prioritize their well-being.

By putting safety first, we unlock optimal performance, build resilience, and pave the way for a sustainable future of well-being in the oilfield.

AWLCO Benefits – Unlocking Value

Innovation Drives Results

In the dynamic world of oilfield services, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. AtAWLCO, we go beyond simply delivering services; we unlock exceptional value for our clients through a relentless pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

By choosing AWLCO, you choose a partner who is dedicated to your success. We don’t just offer services; we offer a comprehensive package of expertise, quality, safety, and unwavering commitment that unlocks exceptional value for every project.

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